China National quality infrastructure-NQI 2020

At present, the national quality infrastructure-NQI technology system has been incorporated into a number of national policies:

  • The 12th Five Year Plan for national independent innovation capacity building
  • Opinions on deepening system and mechanism reform and accelerating the implementation of innovation driven development strategy
  • National innovation driven development strategy outline
  • The 13th five-year plan for national science and technology innovation
  • Guiding opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on carrying out quality improvement actions
  • Guidance on strengthening national quality based scientific and technological innovation
  • 12 NQI reform tasks have been included in the implementation plan of deepening the reform of science and technology system
  • The NQI technology system has been incorporated into the national five-year plan for scientific and technological innovation.

So far, 176 projects have been set up in China, of which 84 are undertaken by the institutions affiliated to the market supervision system. 337 sets of basic standards and measuring devices, 506 national reference materials, 1729 national standards, 210 international standards, 499 new methods and more than 3000 technical institutions have been developed

Up to now, the number of China’s international mutual recognition measurement and calibration capabilities (CMC) has reached 1574, ranking the third in the world, second only to the United States and Russia. The proportion of international standards formulated and issued by China in the total number of ISO and IEC standards has reached 1.9%.