China photovoltaic industry 2020

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In 2019, the output of polycrystalline silicon in China will reach 342000 tons, accounting for 66.9% of the market. The total production capacity will reach 452000 tons, accounting for 69.2%, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years.

At present, the main polysilicon production technologies mainly include trichlorosilane Siemens process (improved Siemens method) and saline fluidized bed process. The production process of trichlorosilane Siemens process is relatively mature and the rod-shaped silicon produced by this method accounts for 97.5% of the total output of China

In the production cost of the improved Siemens method, the power, raw material and depreciation cost are the main parts, accounting for about 80% of the total cost, in which the power cost accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for 35%; the silicon powder cost accounts for 30%; and the depreciation cost accounts for 15%.The comprehensive cash cost of domestic advanced polysilicon production capacity is about 30000 yuan / ton, the production cost is about 40000 yuan / ton, and the comprehensive cost is about 50000 yuan / ton.

The main domestic polysilicon production enterprises have transferred their production capacity to Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other areas with low power price. It is estimated that the capacity concentration of the three regions will reach 88.7% in the future

In 2019, the average comprehensive power consumption of polysilicon in China will drop to 70kwh / kgSi