China’s Lithium battery industry report 2020

During 2014-2019, the annual growth rate of China’s lithium battery cathode material shipment is 38%, mainly ternary and LiFePO4. Sanyuan is mainly used in the field of power battery. In 2019, light power drives the incremental growth of non-power. In the initial stage, LiFePO4 was mainly driven by power, but restricted by subsidies, and the increment was mainly contributed by non-power fields.

In the future, China’s high nickel ternary and LiFePO4 batteries will occupy the main share of domestic power battery market by virtue of their performance and price advantages respectively, changing the current situation of China nickel ternary. It is estimated that the total proportion of high nickel ternary and LiFePO4 batteries will exceed 80% by 2025.

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