GB/T 19630-2019: Requirements for Organic Products

The State Administration of Market Regulation -SAMR and the Standardization Administration of China-SAC jointly issued the 10th National Standard Bulletin of 2019, and published the requirements of the Organic Products Production, Processing, Labelling and Management System of GB/T 19630-2019, which will be implemented on January 1, 2020. The 2019 edition integrates the 2011 edition, and maintains the consistency of content and terminology in the revised 2015 edition of the Organic Product Certification Management Measures and the normative documents cited, such as the variety of food additives used in organic products and the catalogue of feed additives.

The Implementation Rules for Certification of Organic Products promulgated by the Certification & Accreditation Administration of China-CNCA specifies that the organic certification basis is GB/T19630. Although this standard is recommended, it must be implemented for certification of organic products. GB 2019 includes:

  • Organic processing mainly uses organic ingredients, and it does not use biology and its products obtained by genetic engineering, and shall reduce chemical synthetic materials as much as possible.
  • Organic products: Organic products produced and processed for human consumption and animal use
  • The origin environment of organic products should meet the requirements of GB15618 (soil), GB5084 (irrigation water) and GB3095 (air quality), and be far away from urban areas, mining areas, factories, transportation trunk lines, industrial pollution sources, domestic waste sites, etc.
  • Requirements for the use and addition of materials in organic production and processing: disinfectants, detergents, chemically synthesized or extracted colorants, antibiotics or chemically synthesized veterinary drugs.
  • Product ingredient requirements: organic materials account for more than 95% of the total mass or volume, one ingredient should not contain both organic and conventional ingredients; water and salt in ingredients should meet the requirements of GB5749 and GB272 1, respectively.
  • Organic foods of Poultry: should be fed with organic feed
  • Packaging of Organic Products: Food-grade packaging materials shall be used, and fillers are not limited to carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
  • Coding of Organic Products and Sales Requirements: The requirements for bulk, bare and fresh products have been revised, which shall be sold in special counters with copies of certificates presented.
  • Production Management System: Internal Inspection is conducted at least once a year by internal inspectors.