HS and commodity number for special goods-bioproduct

On April 1, in order to strengthen the entry and exit management of microorganisms, human tissues, biological products, blood and their products, the General Administration of Customs of China issued the corresponding table of the commodity number and inspection and quarantine name of special articles, which shall come into force from April 1, mainly involving “biological products, blood, diagnostic reagents, anti-serum components, blood products, immune products, nucleic acids and other special goods with a total of 53 commodity tax numbers.

Note: according to the general standard 4. (2) of the General Administration of Customs, certificated enterprises in the announcement of 177 in 2018 must establish a safety management system for special articles that meet the requirements of the customs and keep records of production, use and sales of special articles in accordance with the regulations.

According to the single standard 4. (1), certificated enterprises shall establish an effective biosafety management system and have corresponding biosafety control capabilities according to the risk level of special goods.

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