MIIT promotes the development of industrial Internet

The Ministry of industry and information technology issued a document on March 20 to accelerate the development of industrial Internet, involving industrial Internet logo analysis, 5g technology, network security, big data, etc.

  • Transform and upgrade the internal and external networks of industrial Internet, promote the construction of high-quality external networks covering all regions and cities of the country by basic telecommunication enterprises, and build 20 industrial Internet external networks of enterprises
  • Promulgate the administrative measures for the resolution of industrial Internet signs, enhance the functions of five top nodes, and start the construction of two disaster recovery node projects in Nanjing and Guiyang.
  • Improve the core capabilities of industrial Internet platforms, with an average of 200 key platforms supporting industrial agreements, 800000 industrial equipment connections, and 2500 industrial apps.
  • Issue the network security classification and classification guide for industrial Internet enterprises, and formulate the security protection system and standards