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Who are we?

-we are NATIVE CHINESE, having grown up, living in China

Who are not we?

  • We are NOT alleged “CHINA HAND“, “CHINA PROFESSIONAL“, either foreigners or Chinese of foreign nationalities speaking bad Chinese
  • We are NOT Specialists or Expert on China, neither on Ourself
  • We are not sponsored or funded or even jointly by any overseas institution, organization, enterprise or foreigner

CNSTANDARDS was founded in Beijing, China, in order to meet the needs of the growing number of companies looking for technical supports of China’s policies, regulations, standards, certification & conformity to enter the Chinese market with products and services.

CNSTANDARDS establishes intimate full-scale relationship with China authorities: central ministries & administrations, local governments and bureaus to pursue first-hand information and explanations.

CNSTANDARDS assembles Chinese experts with long-term experience in service or pension Who can supply and support training course, consultance and instruction on behalf of competent departments with authorized messages.

CNSTANDARDS assists companies with market access support and deliver business services of the entire national economic sectors according to GT/T 4754-2017 “Industrial classification for national economic activities” including but not limited to China Compulsory Certification (CCC), China production licensing, investment and export, etc.

Our pragmatic approach, extensive knowledge, and thorough quality control make Quality Partnerships the ideal choice for accessing the Chinese market.



Paolo Yue 

Co-founder and general manager of CNSTANDARDS ( ) in Beijing. He specializes in research, analysis and introduction on China’s policies, regulations, standards, certification & conformity to support international clients to enter into the Chinese market with their products and services. Based on intimate relationship with Chinese partners and experts, he can supply consultancy and instruction on timely authorized information of competent ministries and departments. And now is responsible for international cooperation and to provide service to overseas clients

Before sponsoring and founding CNSTANDARDS, Paolo worked for European Union’s organizations, semi-governmental office in Beijing for around 6 years, Specialist of China Market access and standards/conformity of European Union small and medium enterprise center, operational manager of Seconded European Standardization Expert office. he was responsible to European Commission, European Free Trade Association, European Committee for Standardization (CEN), especially on sectors of China’s development strategies and policies, industrial regulations and rules.

Prior to focusing on politics and policies research work for foreign entities, Paolo has also been engaged in technical R&D and international cooperation for companies of environment protection, petrochemistry and new energy. The major areas refer to incineration and power generation, treatment of volatile organic gas driven from petrochemical industry and de-Dox of industrial and civil boiler and furnace for clients like Sinopec, CNPC.

The initial occupation of Paolo after graduation from United Kingdom with MSc. Pharmaceutical and analytical science was type-approval engineer of Vehicle emission control center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Except for research and management of vehicle exhausted emission testing and approval and also fuel quality improvement, Paolo took party in the development of National III, IV exhausted emission standards, relevant national implementing rules and regulations.

With 15 years professional experiences of international cooperation, policies, market and technical and products research and analysis, Mr. Yue acknowledges intimately access to both China and Europe and Chinese & European tradition & convention with excellent communication and international cooperation skills. Mr. Yue is specialized in the investigation, research and analysis of the entire China’s standardization, regulation and policies related to market access, including but not limited to:

  • ICT & IT
  • Environmental protection and energy-saving
  • Medicine and medical devices
  • China compulsory certification (CCC)
  • Production licensing and etc.

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Skype: Wechat: bjgoal

Address: lizexiyuan110, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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