Work of Anti-Intellectual Property Infringement, counterfeits and inferiors 2019

On June 14, SAMR released the key points of the national Anti-infringement of intellectual property rights and the sale of commodities in 2019.

  • Focus on curbing infringement and counterfeiting online, cracking down on online sales of infringed and counterfeit goods, false advertisements, etc.
  • Strengthen Intellectual Property Services and Protection in International exhibition
  • Solve such problems as infringement of trade secrets, malicious registration of trademarks and confusion of trade marks, unfair competition, patent infringement and counterfeiting, network piracy and infringement, etc.
  • Implement management on food, auto parts, special equipment, semiconductors and products in CCC catalogue
  • Promote the genuineness of software in provincial level state-owned enterprises and important industries and develop the genuineness of industrial software
  • Formulate and amend the Copyright Law, Patent Law, Law on the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products, Regulations on the Protection of New Plant Varieties and Regulations on the Implementation of the Law on the Protection of Consumers ‘Rights and Interests
  • Establish Overseas Intellectual Property Rights Submission Platform and Overseas Intellectual Property Rights Defense Assistance Network