Administrative License Law

Article 12 An administrative license may be established for any of the following matters:
(1) The special activities that directly bear on the state security, public security, macro-economic control, ecological environment protection, and those directly relate to the human health, safety of life and property, which shall be approved according to the legal requirements; 

(2) The development and utilization of the limited natural resources, allocation of public resources and the market entry of the special trades that directly concern public interests, which shall be entitled with special rights; 

(3) The vocations and trades that provide public services and directly relate to the public interests, which need qualification of special credit, conditions or skills;
(4) The important equipment, facilities, products, articles that directly concern public security, human health, the safety of life and property, which shall be examined and approved by means of inspection, testing, and quarantine according to the technical standards or criterions; 

(5) The establishment of the enterprises or other institutions,  which need to determine the subject qualification; 

(6) Other matters, for which administrative licenses may be established in accordance with the laws and regulations.