PPT of China EEL

The Presentation developed by Paolo.yue lays out in details the current conditions of China Energy Efficiency Labelling includes, but not limited to

•Regulators •Standardizers •Research institutes •Overview of Laws, measures, standards, catalogue •Filing management progress. post-market inspection etc.

Energy Conservation Law

Product Catalogue of EEL

-as of April 2020, China has issued 15 batchs including 42 kinds of Products and coving 44 products.-contact us for full product catalogue

China postpones 13 national standards for energy and water efficiency-April 2020

Product catalogue labeling energy efficiency-15th batch-April 2020

GB effective

-contact us for full GB

Standards CODEProductsTCICSCCS
GB 12021.2-2015RefrigeratorTC2027.010 F01 
GB 12021.3-2010Room air conditionerTC2027.010 F01 
GB 12021.4-2013washing machineTC2027.010 F01 
GB 12021.6-2017electric cookerTC2027.010 F01 
GB 12021.7-2005TVTC2027.010 F01