The China’s license covers administration license and industry license. The administration license accredits government institution to implement management by the State Council and competent ministry. The industry license is official management of product and production in China by competent ministry. In some special area, product and production licenses work both. Normally the category of license includes filing, registration and approval.

Administration License

China Administrative License

Administration licenses cancellation and authority decentralization-Mar.2019, State Council

Production & Products License

Production License

Production License

Access to Key Industries

General and concrete measures on production license

Special Equipment License-TS

Food Production License-SC

Cosmetics Production license

Measures for production licenses of road vehicle

Access Examination of Road Motor Vehicle Enterprises and products

Product License

Network Access License-NAL

Access Examination of Road Motor Vehicle Enterprises and products



Health Food Registration

New Food Additives Registration

Harzardous Chemicals Registration

Imported cosmetics for non-special purposes


Measures of Non-Special-Purpose Cosmetics filing-draft


Reform of the Examination and Approval System for Construction Projects