Principally China’s legislation covers fundamental law, basic law and general law, issued by the National People’s Congress, administrative regulations, issued by the State Council.

China Legislation & Regulations System

Effective Laws

Civil law-2020

Securities Law-2019

Land Administration Law-2019

Urban Real Estate Administration Law-2019

Resource Tax Law 2019

Drug management law 2019

Real estate management law 2019

Land management law 2019

Vaccine Management Law 2019

Trademark Law 2019

Construction Law 2019

Electronic Signature Law 2019

Administrative License Law 2019

Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law-Jan.2019

E-Commerce Law--Jan.2019

Enterprise Income Tax Law -2018

Electric Power Law-2018

Product Quality Law-2018 Amendment

Law on Import and Export Commodity Inspection -2018

Labor Law -2018

Law on Prevention and Control of Pollution from Environmental Noise-2018

Food Safety Law -2018

Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law -2018

Energy Conservation Law -2018

Environmental Protection Tax Law-Oct.2018

Agricultural Product Quality Safety Law -Oct.2018

Circular Economy Promotion Law -Oct.2018

Law on Import and Export Commodity Inspection -2018

Social Insurance Law-2018

Law on Ports-2018

Civil Aviation Law-2018

Electric Power Law-2018

Law on Promotion of Agricultural Mechanization-2018

Frontier Health and Quarantine Law-2018

Company Law-2018

Agricultural Product Quality Safety Law-2018

Vessel Tonnage Tax Law-2018

Law on Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures 2017

Bidding Law-2017

the Metrology Law-2017

Standardization Law-2017

Customs Law-2017

the Enterprise Income Tax Law-2017

Law on Chinese-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures -2017

the Marine Environment Protection Law-2016

Film Industry Promotion Law-2016

Foreign Trade Law-2016

Maritime Traffic Safety Law-2016

Law on Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises-2016

Law on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures-2016

Law on Commercial Banks-2015

the Animal Epidemic Prevention Law-2015

the Electronic Signature Law-2015

the Postal Law-2015

the Railway Law-2015

the Notary Law-2015

Auction Law-2015

Agriculture Law-2012

the Lawyers Law-2012

Law on the Popularization of Agricultural Technology-2012

the Road Traffic Safety Law-2011

the Individual Income Tax Law-2011

the Construction Law-2011

the Copyright Law-2010

the Renewable Energy Law-2009

Mineral Resources Law-2009

Forest Law-2009

Law of Industrial Enterprises Owned by the Whole People-2009

Law on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine-2009

Patent Law-2008

Law on the State-Owned Assets of Enterprises-2008

Labor Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Law-2007

Anti-Monopoly Law-2007

the Banking Supervision Law-2006

Partnership Enterprise Law-2006

the Law on Commercial Banks-2004

Law of on the People’s Bank of China-2004

the Seed Law-2004

the Securities Law-2004

the Insurance Law-2002

the Copyright Law-2001

Trust Law-2001

the Law on Foreign-funded Enterprises-2000

the Law on Chinese-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures-2000

Law on Individual Proprietorship Enterprises-2000

Contract Law-1999

Price Law-1998

Tax Collection Administration Law-1995

Authoritative Interpretation

Legal and Regulatory Basis for Implementing Administrative Compulsory Measures of SAMR

SAMR Authorized explanation: E-Commerce Law

Trademark Registration


Trial adjustment of law application in pilot Free Trade Zone-Oct.2019

Beijing adjusts administrative regulations implementation temporarily-Nov.2019