Institutional Reform 2018, New scheme, restructuring, reallocation, comprehensive collaboration and function division, personnel in charge and contact…

Institutional Reform-2018

SAMR New Scheme: Restructuring, Duty& Responsibility and Staff Reallocation 2018

Restructing Ministry of Ecology & Enviornment

-Institutional reform & rescheme of NDRC

The National Development and Reform Commission published institutional reform & rescheme as an integral part of the State Council and the ministerial level institution. The new NDRC consists 26 inner departments including pricing department who is responsible for surveillance, inspection of price fluctuation. The divisions of responsibility with the Ministry of Commerce, the National Health Commission, the State Energy Administration are distinctly defined.

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Abbreviation of Institutions

Abbreviation Full name
CNCA Certification and Accreditation Administration of China
GAC General Administration of Customs
MEE Ministry of Ecology and Environment
MofCOM Ministry of Commerce
MIIT Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of
MoEM Ministry of Emergency Management
MOHRSS Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of
MoHURD Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
MoNR Ministry of Natural Resources
MoJ Ministry of Justice
MOT Ministry of Transport
MOST Ministry of Science and Technology
MPS Ministry of Public Security
NDRC National Development and Reform Commission
NHFPC National health commission
NMPA National Medical Products Administration
SAC Standardization Administration of China
SAMR State Administration for Market Regulation

Administrative License

Institutional Administration