Implementation rules of motorcycle / electric bicycle certification 2021

On June 29, the CNCA issued the newly revised “Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules motorcycle” (cnca-c11-02:2021), and “Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules electric bicycle” (cnca-c11-16:2021), which shall be implemented from July 1, 2021.

CCC self-declaration shall adapt to new GB-February 2021, CNCA

  • After the new version of the national standard is released, the self-evaluation shall be carried out according to the old version or the new version of the standard voluntarily during the conversion period; after the new version of the standard is implemented, the evaluation shall be carried out according to the new version of the standard.
  • If the self-declaration has been completed according to the old standard, declaration according to the new standard shall be done within one year after the implementation of the new standard; the self-declaration of the old standard shall be cancelled uniformly by the system;
  • The products that have been delivered, put on the market and no longer produced before the implementation of the new standard need not make self-declaration again according to the new standard.

Designated certification bodies for CCC 2020
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Implementation rules of China Compulsory Certification 2020

  • General rules-8
  • Rules for product-37

CCC Catalogue Vs Harmonization System (HS) Code-2020

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CCC Catalogue-April 2020

17 categories covering 103  industrial products, Contact us for full Catalogue including National standards, international standards related and implementation rules as follow:

Implementation requirements for CCC self-declaration-Dec.2019

CCC Reform-PPT of CNCA, Nov.2019

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