Development Status-Nov.2019

50 industrial Internet platforms have been Established with certain regional and industry influence. The average number of devices connected to key platforms reached 600,000, the average number of industrial APPs exceeded 1500, and the average number of registered users exceeded 500,000.

By the end of 2018, the top five national nodes of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan have all completed the online trial operation, and have been connected with handle international root node and OID international system.

25 secondary nodes have been deployed and launched, with over 500 access enterprises covering 15 industries. The construction of 5 recursive nodes has been completed, which can provide continuous and stable recursive parsing services.

The application of industrial Internet logo covers aviation, automobile, cable, food, equipment manufacturing and many other industries, as well as industry’s whole life cycle management, equipment asset management, supply chain management, product traceability and other fields

Industrial Internet security work plan 2025-Aug.2019, MIIT

Guidelines for Secondary Nodes of Industrial Internet Identity Analysis-Jun.2019, MIIT

Guidelines for the Construction of Integrated Standardization System for Industrial Internet-March 2019, MIIT & SAC

It was proposed that by 2020, an industrial Internet standard system should be initially established, focusing on the development of industrial development urgent standards such as factory intranet, network resource management, edge equipment, heterogeneous identification interoperability, industrial big data, industrial micro-services, industrial APP development and deployment, and safety capability assessment. Develop more than 10 basic common standards such as “Industrial Internet Architecture”. Develop “Industrial Internet Time Sensitive Network Technology Requirements”, “Industrial Internet IPv6 Address Allocation Technical Requirements”, “Industrial Internet Identity Resolution System Requirements”, “Industrial Internet Platform Functional Architecture”, “Industrial Internet Industry APP Requirements”, “Industrial Internet Network Security More than 30 general standards such as “Total Overall Requirements” and more than 20 application standards such as “Individualized Customization Classification Guide for Industrial Internet” have been developed. By 2025, more than 100 standards will be formulated, and a unified, comprehensive and open industrial Internet standard system will be basically established, covering the key technologies, products, management and application needs of the industrial Internet.   

“Guidelines for the Construction and Promotion of Industrial Internet Networks”-Jan 2019, MIIT

  • To build an external network benchmarking network for industrial Internet enterprises to meet the test and commercial needs, initially build an external network infrastructure for the sixth edition of Internet Protocol (IPv6) for industrial Internet, and complete the construction and upgrading of more than 100 intra-enterprise networks.           
  • To build an open public service platform integrating network technology innovation, standard development, test and certification, application demonstration, industry promotion, international cooperation and other functions; to build a batch of industrial Internet network experimental environments for key technologies and key industries; to build more than 20 network technology innovation and industrial application test beds; and to initially form an industrial Internet network innovation base.           
  • To form an advanced and systematic network technology system and standard system of industrial Internet, and establish an evaluation and certification mechanism of industrial Internet network transformation.           
  • To initially build an industrial Internet identity resolution system, build a number of secondary nodes and public recursive nodes for industry or region-oriented identity resolution, and formulate and improve management measures such as identity registration and analysis, with a registered number of logos exceeding 2 billion.

2019 working plan of Industrial Internet special group-June.2019