China New Infrastructure Industrial Chain 2020-contact us for full version

Report on China’s new infrastructure industry in 2020

NDRC defined the concept of new infrastructure-
-April 20, 2020

  • Infrastructure based on the evolution of new generation information technology, such as communication network infrastructure represented by 5g, Internet of things, industrial Internet, Satellite Internet, new technology infrastructure represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, block chain, and computing infrastructure represented by data center and Intelligent Computing Center;
  • Integration infrastructure formed by in-depth application of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to support the transformation and upgrading of traditional infrastructure, such as intelligent transportation infrastructure, intelligent energy infrastructure, etc;
  • Infrastructure supporting scientific research, technological development and product development with public welfare attributes, such as major scientific and technological infrastructure, scientific and educational infrastructure, industrial technological innovation infrastructure, etc.

National major projects and new infrastructure construction-March 4, 2020

2019 Government Work Report

The 2019 government work report calls for “building an industrial Internet platform, expanding” intelligence + “, deepening the research and development of big data, artificial intelligence and other applications, cultivating a new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, new materials and other emerging industrial clusters, and strengthening the digital economy”

Central Economic Working Conference

December 2018, the central economic working conference first proposed “5g commercial, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, Internet of things and other new infrastructure construction”