MIIT: “license separation” reform in pilot free trade zone

Reform plan for pilot Free Trade Zone of “license separation”-Nove 2019, NEA

Pilot implementation plan for the reform of “license separation” in the pilot free trade zone-November 29 2019, the National medical products Administration-NMPA

Promoting the Reform of “Separating Permits from Business Licenses” -State Council, Sept.2018

Beginning on November 10, 2018, the first group of 106 enterprise-related administrative approval items shall be subject to the reform of “separating permits from business licenses” nationwide respectively in four methods, namely, direct cancellation of approval, replacement of approval with recordation, notification and commitment system, and optimization of access services.

  1. New mode of registration for business license: to register business license for general business and operation, and then to apply for related permits of particular business
  2. Simplification of permits: referring to cancellation of authority, replacing authority with filing for record, simplification of authorization;
  3. consummation of services for permits: notification-to-commitment for one-time application-to-approval onsite, procedure optimized and working days decreased
  4. replace annual inspection with annual self-report

The first batch of 106 permits involved, the catalogue is free to download bellow: