The CyberSecurity Law of the People’s Republic of China has been implemented since June 1, 2017. It provides that “the network key equipment and network security products should be in accordance with the relevant national standards of mandatory requirements and should be certified or tested by qualified institution before sell. Network key equipment and security products catalogue   June 1, 2017 Product type Scope Key Network equipment 1.  Router  Entire system throughput capacity (two-way)≥12Tbps Entire system routing table capacity≥550,000 lines 2.  Switch Entire system throughput capacity (two-way)≥30Tbps Entire system packet forwarding rate≥10Gpps 3.  Server (Rack) CPU numbers≥8 Single CPU core number≥14 Memory capacity≥256GB 4.  Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Controller instruction execution time≤0.08 ms network security specific product 5.  Data backup integrated machine Backup capacity ≥20T Backup speed≥60MB/s Backup interval≤1 hour 6  Firewall (hardware) overall throughput capacity≥80Gbps Maximum number of concurrent connections≥3,000,000 New connections per second≥250,000 7.      Web application firewall (WAF) overall application throughput capacity≥6Gbps Maximum number of HTTP concurrent connections≥2,000,000 8.      Intrusion detection system(IDS) Full inspection speed≥15Gbps Maximum number of concurrent connections≥5,000,000 9.      Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Full inspection speed≥20Gbps Maximum number of concurrent connections≥5,000,000 10.    isolation and exchange of information security products (GAP) throughput capacity≥1Gbps system delay≤5ms 11. Anti-Spam Product Connection processing rate(connection/second)>100 Average delay time<100ms 12. Network comprehensive audit system Capture rate≥5Gbps Record events capability≥50,000 lines/second 13. network vulnerability scanning products  Maximum parallelRead More →

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