Financial Subsidy Policies

Financial subsidy 2020/86: New energy vehicle subsidy extends to 2022
April.2020,NDRC, MIIT and the Ministry of Finance 

Financial subsidy 2019/138:Policy for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles-Mar.2019,NDRC, MIIT and the Ministry of Finance

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  • New Energy Vehicle Promotion Subsidy Scheme and Product Technical Requirements 2019
  • The average subsidy decrease by 50% in total than that of 2018
  • Subsidy declined of Blade Electric Vehicles
mileage /km100-150150-200200-250250-300300-400>400
  • Subsidy declined of Hybrid electrical vehicles

mileage /km
  • Financial subsidy 2019/213
  • Financial subsidy 2018/18
  • Financial subsidy 2016/958
  • Financial subsidy 2016/877
  • Financial subsidy 2015/134


  • Guiding Opinions on Accelerating Promotion and Application of New-Energy Automobiles-2014,the State Council

pure electric drive shall be the main strategic orientation for the development of new-energy automobiles, with priority given to developing pure electric vehicles, plug-in (including extended-range) hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles

  • Planning for the Development of the Energy-Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry (2012-2020)-2012- the State Council

the pure electric power shall be the main strategic orientation of the development of new energy automobiles and systemic transformation of the automobile industry. At present, priority shall be given to boosting the industrialization of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and promoting and popularizing non-plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and energy-saving internal combustion engine vehicles