Interim Measures for the Recordation´╝îConfirmation and Report of Outbound Investment

-Jan.2018, MofCOM, PBC, SASAC

  • For the purposes of these Measures, “recordation (or confirmation) of outbound investment” means that a domestic investor submits the relevant information and materials to the relevant department as required before establishing an enterprise outside China (whether directly or by merger, acquisition, or any other means); and if the statutory requirements are satisfied, the relevant department grants it recordation or confirmation.
  • The commerce and financial regulatory departments shall, according to their respective duties, be responsible for the recordation or confirmation administration of outbound investment made by domestic investors. The State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (“SASAC”) shall be responsible for the supervision and administration of outbound investment made by central enterprises in which it performs duties as a capital contributor.

Guidelines for Investment in Overseas Countries/Regions 2018