“Unified name and application materials list of the online approval for national investment 2018”

NDRC, MIIT and other 15 departments jointly issued the unified name and application materials list of the online approval and supervision platform for national investment approval projects in 2018.

The List includes 42 items of approval and filing and 258 items of declaration materials that need to be submitted for examination of investment projects. At the same time, it clarifies the types of projects for which the various kinds of approval and declaration materials are directed and the applicable situations. The announcement of the list of items includes not only the approval and filing of projects at the stage of project establishment and decision-making, but also the examination and approval of various special evaluations and projects, including more than 10 items of general investment projects.           

The List lays the foundation for the implementation of the “one-network-wide operation” for investment approval. According to the relevant laws and regulations, all kinds of investment approval matters should be handled through the National Investment Projects Online Examination and Approval Supervision Platform. From March 15, 2019, the work of examination and approval and information collection and sharing will be carried out under the unified name.

Appendix I: Unified name list for national investment projects

Appendix II: Application materials list for national investment projects

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Interim Measures for the Administration of the Operation of National Investment Project Online Approval and Regulation Platforms-NDRC,May 2017

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