China’s cleaner production is divided into three levels: the first level is foreign advanced level; the second level is domestic advanced level; and the third level is domestic basic level. The State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment jointly or separately implement guidance and management of cleaner production. Relevant indicators and guidelines issued by NDRC and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment can be used to determine the cleaner production level of enterprises and provide direction for improvement. The setting of indicators structure is very similar. The index system of the Development and Reform Commission is easier to evaluate the cleaner production level of an enterprise with exact score. The Ministry of Environmental Protection’s index usually indicates that there are several indicators of an enterprise reaching the first level and several indicators reaching the second level.

I. Law

Cleaner production promotion law 2012

II. Regulations & Rules

  • Cleaner production assessment indicator system, NDRC & MEE &MIIT, Around 100 assessment indicator system have been setup since 2005,
  • Evaluation and authority guide for Cleaner production 2018,NRDC&MEE
  • Evaluation measures for Cleaner production 2016,NDRC


At present, the national standards have been issued such as GB/T 20106-2006 General Principles of Stipulating the assessment indicator frame of Cleaner production for industries. the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has organized the formulation of ministerial standards for cleaner production since 2001. There are currently about 100 ministerial standards.

Announcement of Cleaner Production Evaluation Index System-Sep.2019