On January 29, 2019, NDRC, MIIT and other 8 other Ministries jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Formation of a Strong Domestic Market (2019).           

I. Promoting Automobile Consumption           

  • Optimizing the Subsidy Structure of New Energy Vehicles;        
  • The restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city have been steadily and orderly expanded.           
  • Where conditions permit, the index of car purchase can be properly revitalized to better meet the residents ‘automobile consumption demand.           

II. Accelerate the launch of 5G commercial licenses           

III. Strengthen the construction of quality certification system. Give full play to the bottom line of quality certification to ensure safety, implement compulsory certification for products involving personal health, safety and environmental protection, include explosion-proof electrical appliances, household gas appliances and refrigerators with 500 liters or more in the compulsory product certification catalogue, promote the implementation of the compulsory product certification reform program, and promote the simplicity and convenience of the certification system.

IV. Enterprises are encouraged to carry out voluntary certification.