1. Supervision of genetically modified food in China The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas is responsible for the supervision of genetically modified organisms, the safety assessment management of genetically modified organisms, and the production activities can only be carried out after the approval of enterprises. Enterprises engaged in the production and processing of genetically modified organisms need to obtain agricultural genetically modified organisms processing licenses. Some provinces require to sell genetically modified food in specific areas. 2. China genetically modified food certificate: China has approved two types of security certificates. 7 kinds of production and application safety certificates approved independently and domestically researched and developed, such as insect resistant cotton, anti-virus papaya, insect resistant rice, high phytase corn, change of flower color Petunia, disease resistant sweet pepper, extended ripening and disease resistant tomato. At present, only transgenic cotton and papaya are commercially planted; transgenic rice and corn have not passed the variety examination and approval and have not been approved for planting; the safety certificate of transgenic tomato, sweet pepper and Petunia has passed the validity period but has not been planted in practice; Import safety certificate of five crops such as soybean, corn, rape, cotton and beet developedRead More →

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